Submitted by Betty Wilson on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 12:19
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A young enslaved groom is there for the birth of a foal on a dark Kentucky night in 1850, unaware that this horse will change his life.  This horse will become a legend in the world of racing.  A portrait of the horse will touch the life of an art gallery owner in 1950's New York.  And in present day Washington D.C., a scientist studying the horse's skeleton bonds with an art historian studying equestrian art and the Black men who appear in a painting with the infamous horse.  These stories intertwine to tell the story of Lexington, one of horse racing's greatest ever.  I was somewhat intimidated by this book before I started reading it.  I had never read a book by Brooks before, but I had heard about them.  They seemed to me to be very highbrow.  Art history?  Articulation of skeletons?  Pretty heady stuff for a country girl.  But Brooks has written a story about horse racing and racism that is engrossing, interesting and enjoyable for everyone.