About the Library


The Huron County Community Library is a public library system, free and open to all. Our mission is to provide materials, services and information to promote lifelong learning, for the enrichment of all we serve.


The main library opened in 1921 and was housed on the second floor of the Willard city hall. The Willard Memorial Library was dedicated to the memory of the service men who served and to those who died in World War I. In the 1930s the Ohio General Assembly passed the legislation that established the Willard Memorial Library as a school district library.  The Willard City School District became its taxing authority.  The present library building was opened on April 4, 1965. The addition to the original building was dedicated on April 2, 1995. A Bond Levy was passed in 2014 and renovations began in 2015 to update and redesign the Willard Memorial Library.

The Willard Memorial Library was given county extension status in 1935 to service any area of the county not already served by a library. It has added three locations since that time: Greenwich Public Library in 1936, North Fairfield Public Library in 1937; and Wakeman Community Library in 1954.

The Greenwich location moved to its present location in October 1989 and its addition opened in October 1995. Our Greenwich location was remodeled in August of 2013.

The North Fairfield location moved to its present location in July 1988. The North Fairfield Public Library was remodeled in March of 2014.

The Wakeman location's building was donated in 1961. An addition was dedicated in 1977 and its new addition was completed in December 1997, along with a renovation completed in December 2018.


The Library is funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF) which is derived from the 1.7% of the state’s general revenue fund. This percentage setting is only temporary and will be revisited biannually by the Ohio General Assembly. Additionally, the Library is supported locally through a 1.27% property tax. The total generated amount of state and local revenue for Library operations is $1 million.