The Historic Photograph Collection

Historic Photograph Collection Description

The Historic Photograph Collection is the property of the Huron County Community Library. Copies of the photographs will be made at the requestor’s expense; no electronic versions of the photos will be provided. Photographs are for the personal use of the requestor. Photographs may not be reproduced, sold, or used for profit; attestation statement must remain with the photograph.

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Garage & Automobiles - 1913

No Description Available

Garage - 1913

Plymouth K. of P. Band - 1906

Plymouth K. of P. Band - 1896

Two horses, a man & wagon

Havana Map - Atlas of 1893

New Haven Township Map - 1873

New Haven Map - 1873

Norwich Township Map - 1873

Richmond Township Map - 1873

Macksville - Centerton 1893

1915 Basketball Team

New Haven School # 2 2/21/1893

Wesley Robinson Farm 1892