Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Statement

The Huron County Community Library, it’s Branches, and the Board follow the “Confidentiality Law” in the Ohio Revised Code which provides that:

“Library records and patron information are confidential except if the parent, guardian, or custodian of a minor child requests a library record or patron information pertaining to that child and in certain other situations.”

Library, library record, Internet, situations, and patron information are all defined and available, as is the full context of the law, on the Internet site of the 123rd Ohio General Assembly (HB 389), and as Section 43.2 of the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 149. (Source: the Anderson’s Ohio Online Documents site.) All records concerning library users and materials used or checked out by will not be made available to any agency of state, federal or local government or any other person unless a court of competent jurisdiction has entered a court order requiring disclosure. All requests for such information must be referred to the Director or her designee. Exceptions will be made only if the Confidentiality Waiver Form is signed and properly noted on both parties’ accounts. The Confidentiality Waiver gives the designee the right to use the library card to pick up holds, pay fees, and have access to all information pertaining to said account. Permission over the phone will be granted one time without a Confidentiality Waiver Form being signed.