Board of Trustees

Leann Palm, President;

Jan Tkach, Vice President;

Sue Loper, Secretary

Denise Frye

Cathi Twaddle

Margo Barnett

Katie Miller

Public Comment:

The Huron County Community Library Board of Trustee meetings reserve a time for public comment at all Board meetings.  In order to conclude Board business in a timely manner, the public participation time this is the only time during a board meeting that the public may contribute to the meeting.  Public comments will be limited to five minutes with only one representative of each group or individual to participate.  The Board accepts comments, but may not respond to them, preferring instead to consider them at another time.  No decision will be made about public comments until all sides of an issue have been thoroughly investigated by the Board.

Each person wishing to make comment to the Board should contact the Director in writing one week in advance providing their name, address, group affiliation (if appropriate) and topic for inclusion in the official record of the Board.  The minutes of the Board will reflect the comments made by members of the public. (Board Bylaws Article 8 section H)

Regular meetings: 
The Board shall hold regular meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 9:30 a.m.  Any changes to the meeting schedule shall be fixed by resolution of the Board.  All meetings are open to the public and shall follow the guidelines set forth in the Ohio “Sunshine Law” (ORC Section 121.22 ). 

Below are the dates and location of the regular monthly meetings for 2024

Meetings are held at the Willard location, unless otherwise noted.

February 20

March 19

April 16

May 21

June (Greenwich) 18

July (North Fairfield) 16

August (Wakeman) 20

September 17

October 15

November 19

December 17

(Posted 2-23-2023)