"Dig It!" Winter Reading is coming to Willard

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2018 is fast approaching, and with it comes our annual Winter Reading Program at our Willard location! “Dig It!” is this year’s theme. Our Winter Reading program differs significantly from our Summer Reading program. During our summer program, we are trying to help kids retain the knowledge and skills learned during the previous school year. During the winter, kids are in school, and reading is part of their school day. Our hope is that our Winter Reading program will help instill a love of reading in children by encouraging shared interactions with parents.

 Our Read-To-Me group is required to have eight books read to them per week. They receive a new coloring page each week, and return it when they have finished their eight books. A ticket for a chance to win one of our bigger prizes, and a weekly trip to the toy chest will be what they earn. (no more than once a week)

 Independent Readers will have a chance to win a “Reading Brag Tag” this year! Join the program and complete at least three of the six weeks to earn the right to “brag!” Readers are required to read two hours each week to earn the right to play “Plinko” for a prize and a ticket for a chance to win one of the larger prizes. This year our reading log is a bookmark. Each week that the reading requirement is met, kids will also earn a bead to attach to the bookmark. (To be given out the last week of the program) If all six weeks are completed, a special bead will be given as well.

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Sign up for Winter Reading begins January 8th. No matter their age, plan on finding a cozy spot to snuggle up and read with your child.

We know you’ll both…”Dig It!”


by Charlotte Cunningham