Submitted by Cody Smith on Thu, 11/30/2017 - 13:08

6 West Emerald Street
Willard, OH 44890
419-933-8564 fax 419-933-4783 email: willard@oplin.org
For immediate release.
Contact Person: Laura Lee Wilson or Barb Templeman

     The Huron County Community Library is continuously improving each of our library locations by working constantly to keep up with the current innovations for libraries today. In the last couple years we have digitized our Daniel’s picture collection making it available to view on our website. We have also digitized our local newspaper microfilm. Patrons can now access copies of the newspapers more easily on a computer in the local history room at our Willard Memorial Library location. Soon we hope to have each one of the community newspapers also available on a computer at our Greenwich, North Fairfield, and Wakeman libraries. 
     By making use of a special free digitization program through the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, we are now excited to announce that our newest project has been to have a good portion of our Willard High School yearbooks digitized. At this time yearbooks dating from 1950 thru 1989 have been completed. Patrons can now come to the Willard location and access these yearbooks on a computer in the library. In the near future we hope to have yearbooks from our other locations digitized as well. Digitizing gives our library patrons easy access to our local historical collections and keeps the original works from all the wear and tear of constant handling.