Blue Lockers!

If you have driven past the North Fairfield branch of the Huron County Community Library recently, something on the front of the building probably caught your attention.

These bright blue boxes are the library’s latest innovation to help patrons pick up their items quicker and easier. If you regularly must rush to the library to pick up your holds before closing or find yourself wishing that you could grab your items on the way home from work after a second or third shift, these lockers are here for you.

To have your items delivered to the North Fairfield lockers for pick-up, you should select “North Fairfield Lockers” as the pickup library when placing holds. You will receive a notification when the items have been delivered and staff has placed them in a locker. Simply use the keypad on the right to scan the library card that placed the holds and enter the card’s PIN number. The locker that has your items inside will pop open so that you can grab your already checked- out items and leave. Keep in mind that you do need to have a physical library card with a PIN number (that you know) in order to use this service. Fortunately, each location of the Huron County Library has friendly staff that can help you with both of those things. But only one location has the blue lockers. Check them out (and your holds) today!

By Chris Mills

Greenwich/ North Fairfield Branch Manager