Mind, Body, & Sole 5K

You can run or walk a 5K any time this summer and get a prize! Simply stop by our Public Services Desk and let our staff know that you completed 3.1 miles in one walk or run we'll have a special treat just for you!


This year 5K is on hold as we work on a new course and new prizes. We'll be back in 2024!

Line Dancing

*Willard Enrichment Center*

Get moving at the library with free Line Dancing workshops! Join Janet, Annette and Rose at the Willard  Enrichment Center for a fun new way to exercise! Registration is encourages, so call or stop nu the library to reserve your spot. This class is mainly geared towards beginners, but all levels of experience are definitely welcome. 

Thurs, July 13 at 6PM

Thurs, Aug 10 at 6PM

Yoga with Janet Cok


Janet Cok is back this summer to lead beginners Yoga in the Park. All ages are welcome! Classes will meet near the Showmobile. Please bring water.  

Sat. June 17 at 9AM

Sat. July 15 at 9AM

Sat. Aug 12 at 9AM

Mind, Body & Sole

Our Mind, Body & Sole program is fun and simple! Finding time to read is hard in this day and age, but we read something every day without even realizing it. For our Mind, Body & Sole program simply read something every day (Facebook, the newspaper, online articles, books, this program guide, and more) and do a physical activity - garden , push mow, walk, bike, they sky's the limit. Mark off on your log each day and return it to the library as you hit each milestone. Complete 5 out of 7 days to get your incentives. 

2023 Incentives:

Electronic Recycling Event

Accepted Items for Recycling                                                                       

  • Computers                                                                                              
  • Laptops and PDA's                                                                                  
  • I-Pads & I-Pods
  • Cell Phones
  • Gaming Systems
  • LCD Monitors
  • Stereos, VCR's & DVD players
  • Wires and Cables

  *No items containing Freon*

April 2023 Press Release

Submitted by jramirez on Mon, 04/03/2023 - 13:12

                                                                      HURON COUNTY COMMUNITY LIBRARY

                                                                                  6 West Emerald Street

                                                                                     Willard, OH 44890

                                                419-933-8564     fax 419-933-4783     email: reference@huroncolib.org

For immediate release.

Contact Persons: Jen Farrell or Barb Templeman


National Library Week

Celebrate National Library Week April 23-29, 2023

Most people know about the wealth of stories available at the library, from picture books and large print to audiobooks and ebooks. But there's so much more to the story of libraries. 

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