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book cover of "When Ghosts Come Home" by Wiley Cash

When small town sheriff, Winston Barnes, hears an unnaturally low plane fly over his house in the middle of the night, he figures he better head towards the airport.  Expecting to see a crash, he's surprised to see a mostly intact plane at the end of the runway.  Even more surprising, the large plane is completely empty; no cargo, no pilot.  But the biggest shock of the night is the dead man on the ground near the runway. Winston recognizes him as someone who went to school with his daughter, Colleen.  Ironically, Colleen shows up the next day, having left her husband behind in Dallas and struggling to deal with the death of their baby.  Winston tries to keep a hand in the investigation even after the FBI shows up, hopeful that it will help win voters in the upcoming election, even as he tries to be there for Colleen.  A moving story about family, grief and racism in a small community.  The writing propels you through the pages even as the focus seems to turn away from the murder investigation.  There will be something niggling at the back of your mind, but you still won't be prepared for the ending.