Submitted by Betty Wilson on Mon, 04/18/2022 - 16:51

As the Iowa State Fair draws near, a young woman's mutilated body is found in a corn field owned by a cooperative hoping to win this year's Iowa Food Prize.  Newly promoted sergeant, Riley Fisher, is horrified to discover that the dead woman is a childhood friend.  Under strict orders to wrap it up quickly, while maintaining her professional distance, Riley finds herself looking for a serial killer when more bodies are found with an obvious connection to the first.  Young certainly did her homework when researching the Midwest and Big Ag.  She created a gripping backdrop to a grisly investi


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Mon, 04/18/2022 - 16:44

Cam Lasky is the hottest restaurateur  in Atlanta.  But what most people don't know is that Cam Lasky is broke.  His wife, Jade, doesn't even know it.  And neither does the guy who's holding Jade and the two Lasky children for $734,296 in ransom.  As Cam races around town trying to scrape together the money before the deadline, Jade tries to protect the children while trying to figure out who the masked gunman could be and how he knows so much about them.  If "domestic suspense" wasn't a thing before, Belle has made it one.  Her novels are suspenseful, read-it-in-one-sitting thrill rides.


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Tue, 03/15/2022 - 14:42

Samantha, aka Ruby, has been a stripper at the Lovely Lady club for a long time.  The money is decent and she shares a camaraderie, if not actual friendship, with the other dancers.  But when the new girl, Jade, turns up high during her shift, Samantha is surprised to find herself volunteering to drive her home to keep her from getting in trouble.  A decision she will wish she had never made.  Their car is run off the road, Jade is found dead in the grass and Samantha is missing.  The police look for suspects, among them Samantha's boyfriend and anyone connected to the Lovely Lady.  The dan


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Tue, 03/15/2022 - 14:32

When Chloe Davis was 12 years old, her father was arrested for the murder of six local girls.  Since then her life has been a constant struggle to carry on with that darkness hanging over her and the rest of her family.  Her mother's attempted suicide left her uncommunicative and left Chloe and her brother, Cooper, with no one but each other.  But now Chloe is a psychologist with her own practice and she's planning her wedding to Daniel, the man of her dreams.  Things are going well until two more young girls are found dead and there are startling similarities to the crimes committed by her


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 11:46

Police Constable Philomena McCarthy rescues a young woman from an abusive relationship with a married man, but makes a dangerous enemy of the abuser, a decorated police detective.  Phil and the young woman, Tempe, soon become friends, but Phil's fiance, Henry, finds her off-putting.  Phil soon discovers that, as expected, the detective is also abusive to his wife.  When Phil convinces her to get out of the house, her involvement could jeopardize her job and when her friendship with Tempe becomes complicated, it threatens her upcoming marriage to Henry.  Robotham is the unsung hero of psycho


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 11:24

Ken Follett returns to present day drama as he explores an international "what if" scenario.  It's a high stakes game of chess as the US and China strategically make their moves, while trying to predict the others' actions and keep tensions to a minimum.  The US president isn't just dealing with situations abroad, she has a domestic problem as well, right in her own house.  An American spy undercover in Northern Africa tries to maintain his cover even as he is falling in love with a striking Chadian woman who is trying to flee the country with her young son.  In China, a high ranking intell


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 14:16

Diana and Finn, an upwardly mobile couple living and working in New York City, are preparing to take a dream vacation to the Galapagos when the Coronavirus slams into the city.  Finn, a surgical resident, has to stay and face the ongoing crisis at the hospital, but he urges Diana to go without him.  Diana goes, but the dream soon turns into a nightmare.  Most of her luggage is lost, her hotel is closed, there's virtually no Wi-fi and then the whole island is quarantined so she can't even go home.  As the whole world is thrown into turmoil, being stranded in Paradise doesn't sound like that


Submitted by Betty Wilson on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 14:00

Someone who is a master at getting past locked doors and security systems is breaking into women's homes, but to what end?  No one has been harmed, nothing valuable has been taken.  The perpetrator moves some things around, takes a small token and leaves behind a note written on a page taken from a local scandal sheet.  The note reads "Reckoning - The Locksmith".  Lincoln Rhyme is just beginning to sink his teeth into the investigation to find out who is responsible when he is sidelined by city leaders making a political move to block civilian consultants being used in NYPD investigations. 

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