Submitted by Betty Wilson on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 14:00

Someone who is a master at getting past locked doors and security systems is breaking into women's homes, but to what end?  No one has been harmed, nothing valuable has been taken.  The perpetrator moves some things around, takes a small token and leaves behind a note written on a page taken from a local scandal sheet.  The note reads "Reckoning - The Locksmith".  Lincoln Rhyme is just beginning to sink his teeth into the investigation to find out who is responsible when he is sidelined by city leaders making a political move to block civilian consultants being used in NYPD investigations.  There are certain things you can count on with a Lincoln Rhyme novel:  a smarter than average bad guy, a  little humor, plenty of twists, turns and misdirections and lots of forensics.  This may not have been one of the best (it seemed to bog down a little near the end when I was ready for it to wrap up) but a Deaver book is never a bad book.